The dog days of summer.




We take our walk early, the dogs and I, before the sun gets too high in the sky. I take a cup of coffee with me these days. No brisk walk for exercise, but rather a leisurely stroll. I watch the dogs chase chipmunks and listen to the birds and chipmunks tease them from the treetops. When my coffee mug is empty, I fill it with wild blackberries. Leaves are already turning color in the woods. Cool mornings make me aware that Fall is just around the corner. Sometimes, back home, I sit in the shade of the maple tree with a book, savoring wild berries for breakfast, enjoying the breeze, slowly getting ready for my day.

The days are busy enough.

Many employees have gone back to other lives on the mainland, so our work force is diminished. Vacationers are looking at the “last chance to get away before the weather turns” so business is still good. I’m still learning and adjusting to new routines, and I’m getting more hours in than I did for most of the summer.

I’ve had company here. Three of my sisters and other family and friends came for a week on Beaver Island, and to help me celebrate my 60th birthday. We had good talks and several excursions, outstanding meals and lots of puzzle and game time. Every spare minute, I wanted to spend with them!

I decided to read Jonathon Kellerman this summer. He’s a good writer of not-too-dark murder mysteries that are written in series with the same cast of characters. Easy to follow, not too heavy, mindless summer reading. Except that I find them hard to put down. And he’s a very prolific writer. Having never read his books before, I’ve been blasting through a book a week, and will still never finish his Alex Delaware series before the summer is over.

Blackberries, as I mentioned, are ripening. It’s easy to start by just looking, fill a hand, then a hat, then rush back to the house for a bowl. A wander ’round the yard turns into a serious walk around the property and before I know it, an afternoon is gone.

In my garden, I’ve been harvesting potatoes and tomatoes and squash. Everything else is finished for the season, and just as well, because I’m weary of it. I had big plans this year that never quite came to fruition, and left me feeling behind and discouraged in the “gardening department”. I’m over it now, and looking forward to next year.

We are all noting the passage of time, here on Beaver Island. Many restaurants and gift shops are seasonal. Fall is in the air. School will be starting soon. Every day I hear someone say “I need to get out there before they close for the season” or “We won’t have many more beach days this year”.

I have a list of things I’m anxious to write about. In anticipation of my birthday, I wrote a list of the sixty most influential women in my life. My sister, Cheryl, and I had a long talk about Life Lessons. I’m planning to elaborate on my visit with my family, my jobs and on turning sixty.

Right now, easily distracted, I’m trying to experience and enjoy all the summer has to offer, before the season is done.

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    • Oh, yikes, I always worry about book recommendations when it comes to mass-marketed mysteries. I HOPE you like his writing. I was, in fact, just ranting to Brenda about an author of similar mysteries. I said, “I hate her books! I keep taking them from the library because they sound like they’ll be okay, and they’re horrible! I finally had to post a sign on the refrigerator: DO NOT READ ________!” Brenda said…in a small voice…”I love her books.” Thanks for reading, Kate!

  1. Such a busy and eventful summer you’re having. Congratulations on reaching another decade! Celebrating with your family is certainly a blessing. I’m looking forward to the summer to slow down and cool off, and slip into fall and winter with their slower pace. I, too, would like to read some Jonathon Kellerman ~ sounds like a fun way to pass the quiet winter months. Enjoy the rest of the summer and I’ll look forward to reading more about your adventures.

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes, Sara! It was a great day, and lots of fun with family and friends. You are always so busy in the summer, I bet sometimes fall and winter are blessed relief! Thanks for reading.

  2. Hi Cindy, firstly congratulation and many happy returns on your birthday!
    Life does sound busy but good, taking a walk in the morning with your dogs and how clever to take a coffee which then gets filled with blackberries! It sounds like a good way to start your day.
    I see a few people are turning thei rthoughts to autumn, the change of the seasons, the change in our communities that it brings.
    And how wonderful to find an author with such a long list of books, I love it when that happens !

    • Thanks, Claire, for the good wishes. I think I like this age, and look forward to a good year.
      Yes, summertime reading, for me, has to be a bit predictable.I have a few moments here and there, maybe an hour at most to sit and read. It’s a good time to read one author with steady characters and not too deep of a plot. Fortunately, we have a nice library here, with good selections to choose from.
      Thanks for reading, and for your always generous comments!

    • Thank you, Tammy! It was a really good birthday, and I’m counting on a good year as well. Oh, yes, I get down to Traverse City a couple times each year…it’s a beautiful area. Only about 90 minutes away, once I get off the island.

  3. Cindy, I could almost taste the end of summer (and blackberries) in your words. This is a beautiful poignant time of year, isn’t it? And how often do we have Big Plans for our garden only to discover that other things take precedence. We canned salsa today. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday with loved ones. Happy Birthday!

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