Sheila, July 2011

My sister Sheila, who died unexpectedly last August, would have turned 56 years old on the 1st of March.

Sheila was born in a leap year, barely missing making her appearance on February 29th. This leap year, all of the remaining sisters were together on Sheila’s birthday.

We’re a large group; 14 years separate the oldest and the youngest in our family. That’s practically a generation! We are each unique, and different in many ways from our siblings. On the surface, looking at our lifestyles, politics, careers and interests, it sometimes seems surprising that we all grew up in the same household. Within that household, we all formed different bonds with our brothers and sisters. Each of us carries individual memories of Sheila, based on our own relationship with her.

We all loved her. We all miss her. This year – with laughter and tears and lots of good memories – she was a part of our happy time together.


About cindyricksgers

I am an artist. I live on an island in northern Lake Michigan, USA. I have two grown daughters, four strong, smart and handsome grandsons and one beautiful, intelligent and charming granddaughter. I live with two spoiled dogs. I love walking in the woods around my home, reading, writing and playing in my studio.

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  1. Cindy,

    What a wonderful post. My name is Tina Randolph, and I worked with Sheila for many years at TitleQuest. She was much more than an employee that worked with/for me. We were very close inside and outside of work. We shared countless hours talking of our families. I know the special bonds that you mentioned above.
    Shela was a lovely person with a an amazing heart. She sprinkled her love everywhere she went. It was very sad to hear of her passing. I think of her very often and still write on her facebook page. I lost one of my brothers this March 2 of this year. And I felt confident that Sheila was there to meet him. It was very comforting to me. Thank you for sharing your post.

    • Thanks, Tina, for your kind words. Sheila was, indeed, very special to all who knew her. I’m sorry to hear that you recently lost your brother. The death of a sibling is a heartfelt loss. My sympathy goes out to you.

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