Forty years ago, it was all about me. That was when my oldest daughter was born.

Every woman that has ever given birth has vivid memories of all occurrences surrounding that event. We each have our own stories; I won’t trouble you with mine, beyond these few reminiscences.

We were nineteen, naive and frightened, trying hard to be grown-up with little idea of what that entailed.

My husband started out driving too fast to the hospital. I told him it wasn’t necessary to speed. He checked it back and stayed within the speed limit while, jaws clenched, he drove through every single stop sign and red light without stopping, all the way to the hospital.

We had agreed that this would be our time, that we’d make calls to family and friends after our baby was born. As soon as he got me checked into a room, my husband called his parents and mine, begging them all to come right away. I think he may have called an uncle and a couple cousins, too.

At one point my mother came and sat at my bedside. I was in hard labor. “Oh, Mom, this really hurts,” I said. “Oh for heaven’s sake, Cindy, don’t you think I know that?!?” was her quick reply. I should have known better than to try to garner sympathy from someone who had given birth eleven times!

At three o’clock in the morning, Sunday, January 23rd, the nurse put my baby girl in my arms. I opened the blankets…counted fingers and toes…ran a finger along her tiny cheek… a palm over her small head…and fell madly in love with my new daughter.

It was all about me that night. Today, it’s all about her.

Happy Birthday, Jennifer!

About cindyricksgers

I am an artist. I live on an island in northern Lake Michigan, USA. I have two grown daughters, four strong, smart and handsome grandsons and one beautiful, intelligent and charming granddaughter. I live with two spoiled dogs. I love walking in the woods around my home, reading, writing and playing in my studio.

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  2. I ALSO remember being 3 months pregnant at the time and you saying to me, “Oh….it really isn’t THAT bad…….” and as soon as my son was born, first thing you said was, “Hurts like HELL, doesn’t it??” 🙂 That’
    s what friends are for….

      • P.S. to anyone that reads this far: The reason Jen’s photograph is crooked and not properly cropped is that I was trying to do it by myself. Without Jen on the phone directing me step by step, or possibly even logged in as me on her computer, I am still fairly lost. The reason her comment (that begins “Love it, Mom!”) looks like it came from me is because I told her what trouble I had getting the photo straight and inserted into my post…and that I also inadvertently made one hundred images of her into my computer “wallpaper”…and she was logged in – as me – trying to fix it. On her birthday. While answering calls from work, trying to get books for her class and babysitting. For her ex-husband’s girlfriend’s daughters, I might add. Because that is just the kind of wonderful woman she is.

  3. What a beautiful tribute, Cindy…I mean the part about Jen having to help you maneuver your way around your blog…She sounds like a wonderful daughter. Happy Birthday to Jen! (Belated, that is.)

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