Daily Archives: January 22, 2012



Sundays have always held a kind of magical quality for me, special and separate from the other, more mundane, days of the week.

Growing up, Sunday was the day for going to church as a family; wearing the best dress, the good shoes, the nice hat; having the big breakfast after Mass with eggs, meat, potatoes and toast; for playing games or working puzzles; for a big, fancy dinner with the possibility of company.

As adults, we’d often come back to Mom and Dad’s on Sundays. We’d help with dinner, catch up on family news and compare the growth and development of our children.

Since moving to Beaver Island, I have usually worked on Sundays. Still, it stood out from the rest of the week. In the restaurant, the morning coffee drinkers lingered, seemed more relaxed and told longer stories. The after-church crowd came in next – people I didn’t see on any other day of the week – in their Sunday finery, for their pancakes and eggs. Now, at the hardware store, the Sunday customers aren’t the harried contractors, builders, electricians and plumbers that come in Monday through Saturday, but husbands and wives with their weekend projects. Because our hours of operation are much shorter on Sunday, even if it’s very busy, it’s an easy day. Lately, the schedule has been rearranged so that I have Sundays off.

Sundays off!!!  I don’t set the alarm; I wake up to the sunshine coming in the window. I put real cream (or, sometimes, real Bailey’s Irish Creme)in my coffee. I take my coffee upstairs to my studio and watch CBS News Sunday Morning. More entertaining than regular network news, though they cover important issues, I find it enlightening rather than depressing. I take the dogs for a long walk. I have lengthy telephone conversations with family or friends; I write letters; I make art; I read; I write. Sometimes I nap, on the sofa, with the afternoon sun streaming in the front window and the little dog curled up by my feet. Sometimes I fix a more elaborate than usual meal, without the time constraints of a work-day. Others times I throw an easy “one-pan, one-dish” dinner together, and concentrate on other things. It’s up to me…it’s my day off!